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Casey Anne Brimmer

Creative | Activist | Educator | Scholar

Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs, Themselves
Honorifics: Dr.

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Who is Dr. Casey Anne Brimmer?

I'm not sure I have ever been one to be quiet about things I find unjust, and much of my advocacy since high school has been centered around providing community education and resources on LGBTQ+ identities, rights, and issues this/my community face. 

My goal is to elevate the voices people of marginalized identities, to increase awareness, to educate others, and to promote affirmation and inclusion in spaces such as places of learning, places of faith and in workplaces. 


Through trainings, workshops, writing and creating, I share from my own life experiences, research, and community knowledge to help others increase their understandings of their own social locations, of gender, sexuality, and of building more inclusive supportive, and affirming spaces and communities.


For 2 or 200,
Every One Makes a Difference.

Casey Anne Brimmer

Should one come or many, I will move forward as if with many. If I am facilitating a training or workshop, or teaching a class, posting media, or any number of other possibilities and only one person attends besides myself, I will proceed as though it is full attendance. One of my strongest held beliefs is that every interaction impacts at least two people, the other person and myself. Working with, teaching, or otherwise engaging with one person is as valuable as engaging with 200. 

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