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Who is 
Casey Anne Brimmer?

An image of Casey Anne Brimmer a white-skinned, plus sized person with arm tattoos, wearing a teal shirt, purple suspenders and a black hat and glasses. They have their hand underneath the neck/head scratching their black and white dog named Archie.

Creative | Activist | Educator | Scholar

Across my life I have heard many adjectives be used to describe my personality or traits. I could share that list, or add to it, but the truth is, while none of those used by others were wrong, none of them were whole either. I have never been great at describing myself, so please allow me to share a short personal bio here and I'll share some of my achievements and goals below.

Born in 1991, my parents raised me in Westfield, Massachusetts where I stayed until 2014 with the exception a three month internship in Washington, DC. I was a quiet child that excelled in reading and writing, struggled in math and sciences, and just wanted to create! I have always had at least one canine companion in my life. Right now, that is Archie, a border collie and miniature shepherd cross who adds comfort, light, and laughter to my life. My wonderful community is made up of my parents, three siblings, two niblings, friends, educators, artists, colleagues and many chosen family members. I credit that community who have lifted, encouraged, embraced, and/or taught me, with impacting my successes and who I have become today.

Perhaps those adjectives I mentioned above and the identities I attribute to myself would fit nicely here. I would say that I am:
A passionate, strong willed, and tenacious person

A nonbinary, genderfluid, trans, genderf*cked person

Some flavor of queer; who knows which one.

As a lover of knowledge and teaching, I am a perpetual student/scholar.

I do what I believe is right, even when it is not easy

Recognitions & Awards

Throughout my life and academic career, I have had the honor of being recognized with various recognitions and awards. 

I have included some of these honors below.

April 16, 2021

Barbara Ellen Smith
Outstanding Graduate Paper Award
Virginia Tech, Womens & Gender Studies Conference

Casey Anne's paper "Cakes, Balloons, & Explosives, Oh My! The Imposition of Gender Performativity on Fetuses Through Gender Reveal Parties" was awarded by the Women's & Gender Studies program at Virginia Tech during their bi-annual gender studies conference. 

May, 2014

Each year since 2001, University has honored students who have gone above and beyond in their advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues. Known on the WSU campus as the BEWie Award, Casey Anne Brimmer received this award for their efforts with the WSU Queer Straight Alliance, and for their community engagement and educational efforts both and off campus.

May, 2014

EGST Adrienne Rich Award for Academic Excellence
Westfield State University

The Adrienne Rich Award is one of the Department of Ethnic & Gender Studies  Academic Excellence awards for Westfield State University. The award honors Rich's powerful commitment to intersectional and transnational activism for gender equality and queer communities.

Bazemore, Edwards, & Warner Award
for Excellence in LGBTQ+ Leadership
Westfield State University

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