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Photography Portfolio

Recently, I have been jumping back in head first into photography as a way to articulate how I see an experience the world. 

Projects & Portfolios

These are my most recent projects and portfolios in progresss. Most of my work related to queer gender and sexuality and my dissertation project reflects my belief that people should not have to leave parts of themselves "at home" and should be able to bring their full LGBTQ+, disabled, BIPOC, etc. selves with them into academic spaces.

Nonbinary Like Me

I am currently working with a fellow PhD student on a book about how we experience our intersectional lives as nonbinary individuals in an extremely binary world.

A Pedagogy of the Full Self

This references my dissertation work about creating a pedagogical system which makes space for students and instructors to bring their full selves into academic spaces. It utilizes both autoethnography and community theorizing.

Y'all Means All
Progress Pride Flag Photography Project

Y'all Means All Flag & hands Photo.PNG
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