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Available as charms or display trinkets these cute glass bottles are a great way to show your pride! 

Currently Available: Trans, Nonbinary, Asexual (Ace), Bi(sexual), Pan(sexual), and Rainbow.

Please contact me through this website if there is a specific flag you would like to order but that is not currently available.


Pride Trinket Bottles

Sales Tax Included
  • This item is made by hand  and while a particular Pride color scheme is able to be guaranteed the exact item cannot be. In other words, each item is different from all others and while quality is the same, the individual item may vary. Please specify below if you would like a particular style of bottle, especially if you would like this item to be able to stand on its own without support to prevent it from rolling around.

  • While I will do my best to fulfill orders as placed this is not always possible. Please include in the text box below what you would like me to do if your specific preferences regarding bottle shape are not available. Your Options include: Send a product as similar to what I ordered as possible, send any shaped bottle with the same color scheme, or contact me. 

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